So, you clicked on this blog

Chances are, if you are visiting Find Where You Fit, you’re interested in learning about the amazing fitness opportunities in your community. Maybe you’ve tried out some classes and found your comfort zone and you’re curious what else is out there. (Spoiler alert: the answer is A LOT.) Or perhaps you know swapping out pie-and-lattes for Pilates every so often wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it’s hard to know where to start. Or it could be that you’re always exploring new fitness opportunities like me and you want to join the community of active Columbusites and share in the excitement.


I am here to be your local fit guide.

Your guinea pig.

Your matchmaker.

I hope you will follow along on the blog as I explore gyms, studios, community centers, dance studios, aquatics centers, trails, and anything active in the 614! I plan to try everything out that I can so I can tell you first hand how it went, in a an honest and hopefully humorous way.  Plus, I have a doctorate in a health and wellness field, so I’ll educate you along the way so we can work out smarter, You can also check in here for awesome fitness apparel finds (yes, Lulus count as real pants!) and healthy eats around the city to keep you on track. You know, to balance out the pie and lattes.