Beth Found Where She Fits: Beachbody in her Basement!

Friends, I am thrilled to share with you this kickass story from my friend, Beth. She’s a devoted mom, a loyal friend, an enthusiastic leader, and the kind of woman who celebrates other women with abandon. Discover her recent journey with fitness while living the mom life.

I think I may have finally found where I fit, and I found it in the place I least expected….my home, well, my basement to be exact.

I am an overscheduled stay at home mom of a 3 and 1 year old.  I volunteer with Franklin County Children Services, help lead the Bexley Moms group and I accidently started a vegan meal business. I’m basically unable to sit still.

I recently realized as I weaned my 2nd baby, that my body was finally back to being mine after being pregnant and nursing for 3 years. Maybe it was time to squeeze in some self-care.

I like yoga, dancing, and walking, and that’s about it. I really, really don’t like exercising.  The idea of having to change my outfit, drive some place, workout, drive home, shower, dry my hair and get dressed again seemed daunting.  Plus, it seemed when I did have time, there wasn’t a class that was available to take.

A good friend of mine, Katie Van Nort, recently become a Beachbody Coach. Her results and enthusiasm over her new-found workout program were more than intriguing.  After 100 questions including “do I have to do the shakes?”, “do I have to do the nutrition?”, “do I have to do the same workouts as the group”, etc, etc, I learned that this program could be exactly what I wanted and needed it to be.  I took the leap and started on Labor Day last year.  I started with their 21 Day Fix program and was hooked within a week.

What I love the most about Beachbody is there is such little thinking involved… and let’s face it, I have enough on my plate, the less thinking I can do the better.  You pick your program and you follow it day by day.  Leg day, butt day, arm day, cardio, upper, lower, rest, stretch, it’s all laid out for you. The workouts are between 30-60 minutes and require very little equipment, if any. You just push play.

In addition to access to dozens of programs and hundreds of workouts, most with nutrition plans carefully laid out for you, I am part of a Facebook group of about 40 other women also working on themselves and their fitness.  It is judgement and shame-free. We are all there working towards our own goals and encouraging each other along the way.  It can be an accountability group, a support group, a group you complain to on your bad days and a group you share your successes with.

I quickly realized that the most convenient time for me to get my workout in was at 5:45 in the morning.  That way I can get it done before the kids wake up, don’t have to pay a sitter to try to work out, and don’t have to miss any kid or family time throughout the day.  I LOVE sleep. Love it. If I have a free 12 minutes, I take a nap, so this is very foreign to me.

I found on the days I get up and do it, I feel better, all day, emotionally, physically, mentally and on the days I slack and sleep in, I spend the whole day frustrated with myself trying to figure out how to fit the workout in without neglecting people and commitments.  I am also a pretty competitive person, so although I’m technically the only one competing I love being the first one in my group to get my workout done.  There are several other women in the group who workout early as well, and I love knowing that they are sweating with me in their own homes at 6am.

My coach Katie, the Bootcamp girls and the Beachbody programs have taught me so much about strength and fitness and self-care.  I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be strong, strong AF actually.  I look forward to my workouts every day.  Several months into Beachbody I continue to see amazing results week after week. I can’t wait to see how strong and fit I become and how much this program will help me grow and develop as a mom, wife, friend, and future fitness model, jk.

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