Practice Tips from Swim Instructors


Each week, as the kids wrap up their swim lessons at Goldfish, the instructors close with a demo to parents. They cheerfully introduce themselves, lead each kiddo though a skill they want to demo, and talk about what they need to continue working on. I smile, high-five my kids, and move them on to the showers.

But it hit me recently, when it’s winter, how exactly are we supposed to be practicing? I decided to get some answers. Their suggestions were so great, I decided to pass them along to you!


Meagan Torch, one of their GOLDEN teachers, shared this roundup of things to try:

  • Practicing during bathtime, whether that’s with goggles or putting his/her face in the water
  • Using “Child’s name, Ready, Go” helps with listening skills, enforcement of safety rules and getting your kids more comfortable with how classes go.
  • Getting the whole family involved will help with nervous swimmers, fun for the whole family, and extra practice time. (Family Swim is a great time for this.)
  • Familiarize yourself with child’s end goals – how should my child be swimming and what are the goals for my swimmer.
  • Safety! Safety! Safety! – help your swimmer stay safe in and around the water enforcing safety rules with your kids. Learn the safety rules yourself and reiterate safety skills and what to do with your swimmers.


At the end of lessons this week, I also questioned Alyssa and Lauren. One suggestion was to try having Tessa walk backwards with windmill arms, mimicking the backstroke. We will be sure to clear some space to avoid a calamity and let T stretch her arms as she does this. I sense an Instagram story coming on that one.

We will be spending some time in the pool over winter and I was wondering what are some ways we can cue for good form on back glide. This answer made me giggle. To get T’s arms straight and in the right position, Alyssa suggested that she squeeze her elbow up against he ear and listened for mermaids.

Lauren gave us some ideas for getting the most effective kicks. You can even do this on the carpet or on the bed! They want most of the motion to come from the hips, not the knees. We are going to have J try lying on his front and on his back, doing his swimming kicks. I know from my training as a physical therapist that the only way to learn a motor skill is through motor practice. If he wants to get better at kicking, rather than reminding him in the car on the way to lessons, he needs to get those legs going! Again, this is definitely going to be showing up in my Insta stories!
Have you ever tried the Jump Start Clinics? With warm weather around the corner, it’s a good time to make a plan how to start getting your kids ready for a safe summer. I’ve heard from many friends that the jump start clinics in March have helped more than anything else.  Here’s all the info you need:

Date: March 26 – 30 2018

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Goldfish Swim School’s unique Jump Start Clinics are specially designed for families looking to get their kids water-ready in a hurry. They’re a great way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of water safety, take full advantage of school vacations, get peace-of-mind before a water-centric vacation or even start the journey to an Olympic gold medal. Jump Start Clinics include four or five consecutive days* of 30-minute swim lessons that focus on everything from the teaching the fundamentals of water safety to fine-tuning stroke technique. These clinics are so effective, we guarantee you’ll see significant improvement in your child’s swimming skills in just four or five short days! Registration begins on March 1st! Call 614.407.3474 to reserve your child’s spot!

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Read all about the benefits of Jump Start Clinics here!


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