Inspiration for 2018 from Columbus Bloggers

I hope you had happy holidays and you’re making the most of the cheer and joy this time of year. 2018 is right around the corner! I am always looking for ways to make my life and the lives around me better. I am so grateful to my community of bloggers who share that goal. We have worked together to inspire you to make the new year even better than the last with some fresh ideas, tricks, skills, and philosophies. I love you ladies! Thanks for contributing!

In case you missed yours truly convincingly justifying eating ice cream as a healthy behavior, here’s another chance to read it. It’s time to rethink “health” | Sit down with some ice cream and read this


Katherine, Just Keep it Simple Fitness

Become more independent at the gym

Even if you’re checking into a class or working with a trainer, these tips will empower you to work out smarter. You should always be the one in control of your workout plan.

Build your own workout plan in 6 easy steps!

Mary, Mission to Save

Save money, a little at a time

If you have money-saving goals in 2018, Mary is your girl! See how saving pennies each day can add up to $600+ savings through her penny challenge. It’s a simple way to show kids the power of a penny saved! Includes a printable too.

Best Way to Save This Year: Penny Challenge

Katie, Zen Life and Travel

Travel healthier

Check out one of my go-to travel bloggers for tips to for healthy travels. I have 2 winter trips coming up and they always derail my fitness goals. I love her totally do-able suggestions!

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Malini, Lakes and Lattes

Look at life and death with a fresh perspective

I love to travel and eat, which is why I love this blog! (Plus, she’s a brilliant travel hacker and a really nice person). Malini’s latest post tells us how she reflects on death to live a fuller life through a simple action.

What Death Teaches About Life

Shannon, My Life in the Blink

Be. Here. Now.

You’ll love her lifestyle blog for its beautiful photography, thrifty fun ideas, and parenting inspo. What she has for you today is exactly what I need. One of my goals for 2018 is to give myself more fully to the task at hand. Her post speaks right to me.

Wherever You Are, Be Fully There

Kim, Wear Love Wanders

Make a smart, positive plan for nutrition

Here’s a 10 things I’ve learned about myself from my struggle with weight loss (and why I need to change them)

10 Things I’ve Learned about about myself from my struggle with weight loss

Liz, Breathe it All In

Discover essential oils

I am no essential oil expert, but Liz is. She tells you some of the basics and her experience in this recent post.

Essential Oils 101

Eryn, 614 Mom

Let a vision board be your guide

When Eryn isn’t giving us a guide to family living in Columbus, she’s giving us great ideas like these to focus on our goals.

Vision Boards

I hope these ladies have made you feel inspired to live better and not burdened by guilt of not doing enough. You are enough everyday. But a few goals never hurt anyone.

Inspiration for 2018
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