Healthy Halloween: A Costumed Scavenger Hunt Through The Woods


I love getting in a good active recovery day with the kids in tow. A hike is a great option to keep your muscles moving, but if you have kids, they aren’t always exactly in the mood. In the spirit of Halloween and dressing up in costume, I am sharing with you a fun hike I took with my little T and her Grammy.


We suited up in pair of animal ears, grabbed binoculars and a scavenger hunt list, and headed to Jeffrey Woods in search of treasures! (Make sure you read about it in Get Outside! Jeffrey Park) She was so enthusiastic to hop in the car to go on a scavenger hunt.



She studied the map extesively

We toted along a bag with a list of forest finds with a pencil attached. Affixing the pencil to the bag by a yarn is key so you don’t lost it and accidentally litter. You can write up a list of your own with pen and paper, or find a list easily on Pinterest. I’d make one for you, but I am a busy mama, and this just isn’t that kind of blog. Some items will go in the bag, like rocks and sticks, and others won’t, like animals and fallen trees. We weren’t doing preschool crossfit. T excitedly pranced through the woods with a goal in mind.



I think the binoculars were the highlight. We have a lightweight, compact pair, like these. In fact, they motivated the kids to leave the house on a few occasions last weekend.



What worked: We left the house. We enjoyed the woods. We walked. We talked. We made observations. The binoculars were especially fun for her. The list on the scavenger hunt excited her and was enriching and got her involved in the hike.





What didn’t work as well: When you are 4 and you have a list of things you want to find, you don’t exactly move so fast. I don’t think any of us got too much exercise after all. But healthy choices aren’t always sweat-drenched yoga sessions and heart-pounding stair climbs. Fresh air and quality time together is healthy too. Getting away from ipads and TVs for a while and moving is always a plus. T came away from the hike with positive feelings about taking a walking in nature and being active.