What Columbus Wears to Work Out

This week, I had a total fashion fitness score. I discovered an incredible new item and got a great deal on it! Double win! But what works well for me doesn’t meant it will work for everyone, so I’m bringing you favorites from fitness professionals, friends, and bloggers too. Check out their great finds!

I’m going to lead off with my top item of the moment. Victoria Sport just released a sports bra called Air Max, which promises maximum support in a super lightweight, comfortable, flattering, sweat wicking design. Those are some big promises, so I wanted to try it on. It was very comfortable and flattering and passed the jumping jack test. I wore it the very next day and willingly kept it on for 8 hours. I’m talking so comfy I switched into sweats to lounge on the couch and it stayed on. Confession: I wore it the next day too.

Air Max

Air MaxAir Max

Angie, Owner/Instructor at Harbor Yoga

Hey, did you catch the great class I took at Harbor Yoga? So awesome. The incredibly kind, humble, talented Angie says “I’m a Lulu girl…but also love Spiritual Gangster for ‘after class’ ” I mean, what’s not to love about great shirts like these!

Website: Harbor Yoga

Kim, Writer of Wear Love Wanders

Zion’s Den Apparel is my favorite for leggings. I love that they have a large range of sizes for every body type, but beyond that, you can request a custom order too if you have specific sizing needs.”


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Jason, Fitness Director at JCC and Obstacle Race Competitor

“I’ve got a Garmin watch that I can’t live without. As far as apparel, I MUST have an Under Armour under my shirt and I typically wear LuluLemon shorts”

JCC Diamond Family Fitness Center

Katie, Writer of Zen Life and Travel

“My must haves are Athleta Leggings: Athleta High Rise Chaturanga and my Fitbit One.  I love Athleta leggings because I can wear them to workout in but also they look great out and about (especially the basic black ones).  I am obsessed with my steps and I love my Fitbit…however I am probably in the minority because I love the small Fitbit One vs a fancy wristband.  You can clip this on a bra or on your pocket, but what I do is take the Fitbit out of the clip and wear it in the little key pocket in my leggings.  It’s practically invisible!”

Blog: http://www.zenlifeandtravel.com/

Amanda, Instructor at Seven Studios

You may remember Amanda from Yoga with Amanda at Columbus Commons FREE Fitness Program While the program at the Commons has wrapped up, you can catch her at Seven Studios and other fun events you’ve probably seen on my events guides. “My fitness gear item must would be my Bend Active Mat!  I use it for every workout and you can throw it in the wash which helps with being busy!”

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Sara Ortlip, Pilates and Fitness Instructor

“I almost exclusively wear Onzie and sometimes Lululemon. I wear Adidas shoes for my Lift classes, but everything else is conducted barefoot. When it’s colder I usually just throw on a sweatshirt… Sundry is my favorite brand. I instruct at Melt Hot Fitness in Westerville and Dublin, The Pilates Studio of Upper Arlington (occasionally Bexley), private group and individuals at The Lakes Golf & Country Club, and in home private Pilates.” Sarah also mentioned Teeki and Maaji, which are new to me. This is her favorite bra for pilates, yoga, Cycle and barre: Onzie and these are great for heated workouts, especially barre: Teeki Sun Shorts.

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Erin, Writer of Feed Me Greens

“I love pretty much everything from Lululemon (for workouts) and Athleta (“athleisure” items), but I don’t drive out to those stores too often. More locally, my absolute favorite sports bras are the Handful brand that you can buy at Bend. They are ridiculously comfortable and they have removable pads that are very easy to take out and put back in the correct way, which isn’t always the case with removable pads. I also really like some of the styles from Joy Lab, which is a new brand at Target!

Check out her blog: Feed Me Greens

I discovered some great new (to me) brands through this process! I hope you enjoy them too. What did you discover?

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