How Goldfish Swim School gave us a safe summer

When my kiddos started taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, one was a nervous swimmer who wasn’t getting anywhere with the lessons he had been getting elsewhere and the other was fearless and clueless. Both of these things scared me. Water is everywhere, and downing can happen eerily quickly and quietly. I knew no matter what sports and activities my kids chose, swim lessons needed a priority in their schedules.

I immediately thought back to my childhood swim lessons, waking up early, getting in the cold pool, and my fear of the water. I dreaded putting my kids through that, but knew it was probably wise. BUT, lucky me, a friend tipped me off about Goldfish Swim School. Lessons are offered throughout the day, so I wouldn’t have to commit to a summer full of early mornings. It’s 95 degrees in there, so I wouldn’t have to see my kids shivering cold. There is a max 4:1 ratio (which we very rarely hit, actually) so I didn’t have to be afraid of them being lost in the crowd. It all added up, and we dove in. Sorry not sorry for the pun.


But the thing I am most happy with about Goldfish isn’t the warmth, the ambiance, the convenience, or the class size. It’s their values. Safety first. Always. They begin emphasizing water safety at 4 months carry it through the curriculum up to 12 years. My little fearful and clueless guppies are now confident and cognizant fishies.



Looking back at this summer, I saw some amazing things happen. I would have never allowed them to do any of this if they hadn’t been taught water safety at Goldfish. Mid-summer, my son was invited to go to the pool with a friend with his mom supervising. He’s only 6, and he has only gone with a friend and another parent once before. I considered J’s level in swimming (they give a clear checklist of skills), his awareness of rules like following the buddy system, and made sure this adult would be at attentive water watcher. Bravely, I waved as he pulled down the driveway with his friend. Guess what? He did great!

This wasn’t the last time he put his water safety skills to use this summer! My little dude eyed the diving board, calculating the skills he would need to surface and reach the side. He knew he could do it, he knew he needed an adult standing by, and he decided he was ready (even if I didn’t.) Thanks to his hard work, it was a wild success, one jump after another.

They also earned a trip to Zoombezi Bay, which I said before I wasn’t comfortable taking them to by myself. This summer, that changed!

Zoombezi Bay

My daughter, 4, has been anxiously awaiting the time she can whip down the wild slide at her friend’s pool that lands in the deep water. With my husband and I in the water to spot her, she made the plunge. We both knew how to talk the Goldfish language with her, reminding her use her windmill arms to get to the edge and reach and back float if she became tired. Sure enough, she did it! (Like, a million times.)

See, I was so excited I had to ‘gram it!

It remains imperative that our little swimmers keep up their skills even if they always have a designated water watcher. That’s why they’re keeping up their lessons year-round, just like they did last year. I’ll be certain to check back in with you as they progress!



Showing off that he’s moving up a level