6 Beauty products active women will love

I used to be ashamed of the fact that I put on a little make up before going to the gym. I mean, it’s the gym, not dinner. And even though I knew it was for the sake my own happiness, I judged myself for it just a bit.

Then I stopped. The self-judging that is.



On one rushed day, I scrambled to get the kids dressed, fed, out the door to elementary and preschool, and then I zipped to my workout. I didn’t even realize until I was mid-squat, face-to-face with the mirror, that I hadn’t done my makeup. After a decades-long history of acne, I had become so conditioned to feel like I needed makeup just to be seen. I panicked for a brief second, then I remembered the challenging months I spent on Accutane (wow, opening up here more than I meant to when I sat down to write) and realized that I earned this moment. Do you know what happened? Nothing.

That being said, on a perfect day, I do like to throw a few things on to make myself feel good, and I want to share them with you, because we should all feel good. PLUS, I have a few other non-makeup beauty products I want you to know about.


Let’s start with the makeup, shall we?

I have blonde eyelashes and fair skin, so if I do nothing, I feel like my eyes and lips disappear a bit. I got this amazing mascara from Ulta in some freebie bag that came with a purchase and it was the best thing in the whole shipment! Now it’s all I buy because it goes on in like 2 swipes and is super silky and smooth.

I threw a spa-rty for my sister-in-law when she got married in the spring. I had a ball putting together girly gift bags for each of the attendees. I was on the hunt for nice and not expensive lipstick for each girl, so we could each put some on and leave a smooch around the border of a framed picture we gave her. What I ended up with is a tinted balm that comes in over a dozen colors. It feels very moisturizing but adds a touch of color, so I look less like I am dying when my trainer makes me haul a sandbag up and down flights of stairs. Nope. I still look like I am dying when I do that. Get yours here.


I am thankful that the folks at Gloves in a Bottle sent me this amazing bottle of shielding lotion. My hands and legs get especially dry, and I am always looking for quality lotion that really does the trick without smelling medicinal. I am not just telling you this because they sent me the bottle for free: it rocks. There is zero scent, and for a week I put it on my legs and hands before bed and they’ve been much better. It soaks in quickly so my hands aren’t oily when I lift. It creates a barrier, so when I am washing frequently (see: parenting, seeing patients, life) my hands don’t dry out. Love. [Ad]



Please, tell me I am not the only one with inner thighs that rub together creating a miserable state of pain and frustration. I wear leggings to the gym most of the time, but in the hot summer, shorts are sometimes necessary. If I am running in the park or taking a class at the Commons, shorts are a must. But ow! I searched Google, Pinterest, and asked friends looking for a solution. One source said baby powder. I made such a mess but it worked. For a while. Another friend recommended Silky Underwear by Lush, and when I went to buy it, the associate at Fresh told me they can’t keep it in stock. Indeed, it was the very last bottle. I snatched it up when she told me that it worked so well it opened her up to new wardrobe choices. I have been throwing it in my purse or gym bag and I felt it keeps my skin dry on a hot sticky day.


Sometimes my workouts (and my life) are spontaneous. It’s so important to me to start the day with a good quality SPF on my face in the morning, so no matter what turns my day takes, I am protected. This baby is non-greasy and marries sunscreen and moisturizer perfectly. My hubby and I share it.


Last but not least, here I am featuring some dry shampoo in my amateur attempts at product photography. I have a stash of several varieties in my arsenal, but this my favorite. There is no way I’m washing my hair before I work out, but sometimes it just looks greasy and this perks it up in a few shakes. It appears that they’ve reformulated and Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder Spray, 1.2 oz.


What is your pre-gym routine? There’s no shame in the makeup game and if you go natural, rock on girl. Smooches!