M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness at the Ohio State Fair

Are you sick of hearing me say how awesome M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness is? If you are, too bad, because I’m not done. You aren’t? Well then you better read all about it because I don’t want you to miss out on the most fun cardio ever.  And if I have not talked you into going to a class sometime, DO IT ALREADY! You’ll never have so much fun doing cardio.

Classes take place in studios around town, but from time to time, Mike invites the “fit fam” out to an event to dance, sweat, party, and spread the good vibes. Friday night, was the much anticipated mega collaboration at the Ohio State Fair. We were promised an epic event, and that is exactly how it went down.

The event took place in the Showplace Pavilion smack dab in the middle of the fair on a Friday night. Summer vibes practically floated through the air. For the price of admission (which I can thank the cool new Moms club 614 Moms for) Mike provided a night of free fitness, dancing, and entertainment. The entertainment came in the form of a live band and a marching band.

Wait. A marching band? I was going to have to see this for myself. I heard the USC marching band accompany Fleetwood Mac once, and it was a huge hit, so I am sold on the concept on the whole. Maybe it would be like that, minus Stevie Nicks, plus a hip hop beat. Well, let me tell you, the East High Marching Band brought their A-game. I made my way down the midway, taking in the sights and smells and trying my best to resist deep-fried everything, and into the pavilion where I found the bands warming up. Unlike the TBDBITL with their military style, these young men and ladies were seriously breaking it down with more style and swagger than I’ve ever seen from a musician…while also playing their instruments. My friend, Cindy, and I were literally gawking at how badass they were. I’m fairly certain if I had a base drum strapped to my chest, I would fall over. Check them out!

It took a little while for everything to get started. Apparently there was some snafu from the fair coordinators, but everyone was mingling and they were selling shirts (which you should check out!) in a similar style to what I shared in the past. This is the once I own.

Photo credit: JM Photography

At last we got started and it was clear from the start how cool this was going to be. The band featured a DJ, which helped us all recognize the song well enough to go through the choreography, but was turned up to 11 by adding in drums, guitar, and saxophone. The energy they put out was huge, amplified by the excitement of the crowd, the fresh air, and the sights and smells. Actually, if I’m being honest, the smells were a wee bit distracting, because with all the sweet fried goodness in the air, it was tempting to go devour a deep fried Twinkie.

But then the marching band kicked in from the back of the room and we were surrounded by music, dancers, and friends. It was such an immersive experience and everyone was putting in 100%. I made it through a little more than an hour (458 calories for the record) before my phone battery was at 1% and I knew I needed it to track down my husband and kids, for whom it was getting pretty late. The dancing and music continued, a full funnel cake-worth of work was done, and I left with sore feet and a happy heart. I hope you can get a feel from it from the video I made! I threw in some pictures for good measure, plus I am featuring some images from Jaron Murphy of JM Photography. Go check him out on instagram @jaronmurphyphotos to see his work.

But really, really, go take a class sometime. And thank me when you do. You’re welcome.

All images below this point were shot by Jaron Murphy, JM Photography. He has kindly shared them with you all on this post (check out yours truly in the Ohio tank in the first one!) so go look him up.