Swim Party at Goldfish Swim School with 614 Moms

If you teach a child to swim, you’re giving him or her the gift of water safety and a skill they can use their whole life for fitness and wellness.


I remember being forced reluctantly as a child to rise early, jump in the frigid pool, and join a bunch of kids for a swim lessons all summer. My mom explained how important it was to learn to swim, and it all made sense, but there was nothing about it that I looked forward to. (Sorry, Mom. Thanks for making me go anyhow. If I remember correctly, you or Dad told me someday I’d thank you. There you go.)

I am so happy to tell you my kids are getting a totally different exposure to swimming. At Goldfish Swim School, they’ve managed to think of every single aspect of swim lessons and make it as fun, educational, convenient, positive, and successful as possible. I think of them as the Disney of swim lessons: the team members are all smiles and high-fives and no detail is too small. For instance, the water and air for the swimmers is warm and humid, but the parents are kept cool from a viewing area. It’s so darn perfect.

I have so much good stuff to share about Goldfish that I’m going to have to split it into a few installments or I’ll take up the next hour of your life.

This week, I’m excited to tell you a bit about the time the whole family got in on the action! A few weeks ago, we got to see what a Goldfish party looks like thanks to Eryn of 614 Moms. She has recently created a brand new city-wide moms club with the most impressive lineup of events all around town than I’ve ever seen! She is also the writer of the blog 614 Mom where she shares the best of Columbus for you and your family.

We are huge fans of Goldfish so we jumped on the opportunity to RSVP to this event. First, the kids had a fantastic water safety lesson that really kept their attention, then we all jumped in the clean warm pool for family swim, followed by snacks from Too Good Eats (refreshing nutritious veggie/fruit pops) and Nothing Bundt Cakes (delicious and indulgent).

I am chomping at the bit to go on, but I’ll leave it at this for now. But stay tuned and make sure you’re following Find Where You Fit on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss the next installment where I tell you what it’s like taking swim lessons at Goldfish.

They are so passionate about water safety!


Bubbles, the lovable mascot, helped with the safety lesson.
They’ve got the thumbs up to swim!
Ready to go!



At a swim party, if a child cannot independently swim the width of the pool, they wear coast guard approved vests provided by Goldfish. Our little lady almost made it.
They have lots of fantastic instructors and lifeguards on hand throughout the party to help the swimmers and keep them safe.



I can’t say enough about the kind owners of Too Good Eats and their yummy popsicle creations. They’re full of natural fruits and vegetables and have no sugar added. I may have made up for the lack of sugar with a mini bundt cake, but it’s all about balance people.

Make sure you’re following 614 Moms to see what fun events are coming up! I’d love to meet you at one!

Goldfish Swim School has provided me with the experience of lessons for my candid reviews. Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post. I feel very fortunate I get to partner with them while sharing with you a business I love and support regardless.