ClassPass: it’s like joining ALL THE GYMS

I think this is where it all started actually.

Almost a year ago, I was in the mood to explore and so I joined ClassPass. My gym has excellent fitness classes, but sometimes my schedule doesn’t fit with the offerings and things don’t work out. Pun, sadly, intended. But I live in the beautiful city of Columbus, which is just brimming with options, so why skip a workout? But where to start? What will I like? I can’t join a million gyms. Will it be expensive? Would I have to fill out forms and pay a registration fee at each one? But I came across ClassPass and realized it was the perfect fit! With my membership, the whole city opened up to me and I dove in.

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After a few months, I was having so much fun that I got this crazy idea to share all about my experiences with other Cbusers seeking inspiration, guidance, and musings.

So, here we are!

So, what is ClassPass exactly? It’s an service that grants you access to gyms across the country for a monthly fee. How much that fee is depends on how many classes you think you’ll want use it for each month and how many times you think you’ll use each studio. You can change the next month ahead of time if you’ll be using it more or less. Here, they set it forth pretty clearly for you on their website.

I end up doing the 10-pack because I use it at BalletMet 3-4 times per month for tap. If you start comparing the ClassPass fee with the total you’d spend on each class otherwise, you can see the value add up. (Plus I feel like sometimes I work out more so I get my money’s worth. Haha) I started off trying to calculate if it was a good deal in terms of numbers. A few months in, I learned the real value is the service it provides. Scene: I show up to 9am yoga only to discover it’s a holiday and the gym is closed (things I should have probably known) and I was dressed and ready for yoga. Such a bummer. Ah, ok so I open the ClassPass app, search by type of workout, location, and time, and come 9:30 I’ve clicked “reserve,” clicked the map in the app for directions, and there I am at the top of my mat ready for the first Surya Namaskar. Heck. Yes.

Classes are ALL over. Check out this visual! I feel like this will come in handy when the kids are on break. I love it going into summer knowing whatever their plans are from week to week, I can search for something during their camp hours near pick up or drop off and get in the workout I need to feel ready for the rest of my day.

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OMG this map of Columbus gyms!!
The search feature has lots of ways to narrow down what you’re looking for. You can manipulate day of the week, time of the day, location, type of workout, how far from home, what neighborhood, how many spots are available, showers, lockers, parking, and level. This is what it looks like when you search for workouts on the website and the app. The app is very easy to navigate and I use it more than the website.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 4.33.56 PM


You can see some of the places I I have explored, like BalletMet and Bexley Yoga
An unexpected benefit of all this is building friendships. During tap class, we all end up talking about what we have tried and loved from ClassPass; our little group of members is growing. It’s fun to compare stories and coordinate going to classes together. You can even become friends on the app and see what each other is up to. Sometimes seeing a friend is trying a class you’ve thought about is the little encouragement you need to hit “reserve” and give it a go. Last week, I met my tap girls for a workout at Brickhouse Cardio Club (coming soon to blog!) and it was fun to do it together and compare notes.

(I DO have friends. Haha. Promise. Just decided to cut their names out.)
If you can’t make it to class, they now offer videos included in your membership! I’ll have to try those for another day.

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SO…here’s my current calendar! Who wants to meet me for a workout? Join at by clicking here.? You’ll get a discount off your first month while you see what I mean.


2 Replies to “ClassPass: it’s like joining ALL THE GYMS”

  1. Love this post! I’ve been an avid Columbus ClassPass member for almost a year and a half now. Fortunately, (but really unfortunately) I was a member back in the days where $79/month got you unlimited classes, and I grew to love and depend on that routine. I was hitting up 5-6 classes a week between cycle, lifting, yoga, barre, etc. AND I LOVED IT.

    ClassPass really threw me a curveball when they cut my number of classes down from as many as I wanted, to just 10 per month. I couldn’t give it up, so i still fork out the $80/month (and usually an extra $20 for the 3 class add-on), but I’m finding myself having a hard time getting motivated on other days because going to my little apartment gym just isn’t as fun as Brickhouse or Barre3. Any suggestions??


    1. lindsayfgoodman says:

      I was a member before the change too. I wasn’t hitting the limit though, so I wasn’t affected by it too much. I have a couple of ideas.
      1) ClassPass has a video service. Have you tried any of those? Maybe there are some programs on there you can do in your apartment gym.
      2) Kind of similar to the last answer, but what about a different service that feeds you a program you can do in the apartment gym? I know there are lots of fitness apps that talk you through exercises.
      3) You could get a smaller package on Class Pass (bear with me) and pick the gym you use the most and see what their monthly cost is and join both for a similar total cost.

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